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‘An AMOUR is a love affair. Especially one which is kept secret...’
Amour is an exclusive, luxury brand built with a vision to create nothing but the best. Our brand has been fuelled by an ambition and a commitment to creating one of a kind pieces, that can be worn with amour-propre for any occasion. Style mixed with passion, a brand to fall in love with...
Forged through friendship, we wanted to drive a brand with a collective message. A message that fulfils peoples desire to create their own unique style and to fall in love with what they wear. With this in mind, we want the people to have their own love affair with Amour, our message, our passion and our attitude to being the best. Unbox your style and create your own ‘Amour Affair’.
Our collections range from felt fedoras, suede baseball caps, truckers and buckets, to corduroy 5 panels. Each cap has been passionately crafted using the finest materials and designs.
Welcome to the Amour Affair...
The Amour founders:
Elliott Collins
Aaron Kelly
Kirsty Louise Shelts